Rotating Photos

My coworkers seemed to like this for a bit when they first discovered my web site. I find it funny that when they first discovered it, the only photograph on there was the mohawk picture! It got a really great response actually, I'm glad that nobody thinks I'm a freak...or at least, they're not worried that I'm a freak...!

So, the way this page works, as it always has (while it was on the front page of the site), is the pictures will rotate when you hit the reload/refresh button on your web browser. Although the photos in the gallery browse differently, I have not yet extended these pictures to a "gallery," I am still testing and experimenting with the gallery to make it cooler. But for right now, just hit reload! There are 16 pictures in total....

There should be something in this space.

But there isn't. Does this void bother you?

I like this block here on the side, it's very web 2.0.